Our free Fit'scool active Programs

Primary school

FREE – Afternoon Active Primary School program – 1 hour twice a week every school week of every school year.


High Schools

Afternoon Active High School program –  Monday to Thursday 3:15pm to 4pm every school week.


Infant and Adult Park programs

6 am and 9am run/walk and strength program – 30 Minutes weekdays (5 days a week)


Why Fit'scool could be for you?

We all have to start some where why not with Fit’scool!

At Fit’scool we are driven by connection – we want to connect people with activity, people with others in their community who want to get moving and connect local business and organisations with this amazing program. Our fun and free programs connect you to yourself, your health and your community. We know how good the Fit’scool feeling is and we want to share it with you!

Have you run out of time for exercise? Has exercise dropped off your ‘to do’ list? Are you going through a tough time and can’t afford to pay for exercise? Have you had a set back and are rebuilding your life? Do you want fun, free, regular activity close to your home? Do you want to connect with others and get fit at the same time? Then Fit’scool is for you!