In 2008, Founder of Fit’scool Ben Ryan, made a life-changing decision to step away from his businesses to be the primary carer for his children. He started the Fit’scool program to help his children bring activity back into their weekly lives. The program showed the boys the ‘fun’ in exercise and how to achieve a balanced approach against the ever-increasing demands of technology and screens. The program was instrumental in helping one of his boys with severe dyslexia learn how the brain works and the importance of activity for optimum physical and mental performance.Through his charity, his boys’ school and club sports Ben was an active participant in the local community. He could be seen taking a team of adults and kids in the Bridge to Brisbane fun run or zipping around local parks in the early mornings. Life was full of activity, community connection and empowering others to do the same.

A malfunctioning gas bottle left him with burns to 25% of his body and facing a 2 year program of recovery back to full health. As Ben managed and funded the Fits’cool program himself, he did his best to continue, but he knew in his heart the tough choice needed to be made to close the programs so he could focus on restoring his health and wellbeing.

As he was recovering a friend was going through a very tough separation and he offered to take him exercising in the early mornings. When word got out more and more started turning to these.  Over the next few years it grew to 6 park programs around north Brisbane and the Moreton Bay Region.

It is amazing how helping someone can help you!

Ben Ryan Founder and CEO


Working the all levels of government, commercial and not for profit sectors to make our communities healthy, safe and connected.  


To empower communities with healthy activity – in every school and every park