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Empowering Communities With Healthy Activity

Fit’scool is the starting point to create positive and sustainable change in ourselves and reconnected to our community with all of the  amazing things on offer.

Amazing Things for You

Fit’scool marks the beginning of your new healthy, connected way of life. At Fit’scool we invite you to join our fun, quick, simple and free active programs to get that Fit’scool feeling! Our programs are designed for all body shapes, sizes and ages (we have had members from under 4 to to over 83 years old) and we love seeing new faces. We also get excited seeing our members gain confidence and inspiration from our program to join sports, gyms, boot camps, PT sessions and other community activities. Think of us like the start-up for your activity journey and a partner in your health and wellbeing.

Our mission is to provide our free active programs in every community we are the starting point of the amazing new YOU…..every park and school!

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You will be amazed how doing one positive action each day will impact the rest of your world